LBX Hunter - Level 2

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LBX Hunter

Build Hunter from the hit Nicktoons’ show LBX just like Kaz, with SpruKits Level 2 Hunter.

The feral Hunter looks slick, fast and animal-like, baring a tail and wolf-like head, it leaps about on powerful robo-animal legs. Hunter is fast, has keen “eyes”, but is not very good in close combat. That’s the main reason Kaz keeps a distance between his little battler and his opponents. Hunter’s main weapon is a long range pulse laser rifle that Kaz has become fully adept with. 

  • Piece Count: 97
  • Height: 4.8 inches tall
  • Poseability: Natural range of motion
  • Ages 8+

Brand: Nicktoons’ LBX
Level: 2


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