Halo Master Chief - Level 2

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Halo Master Chief

SpruKits lets you build a highly detailed and poseable Master Chief from the Halo® universe.

At the age of six, the future Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 was abducted by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and conscripted into the top secret SPARTAN-II project. After being integrated into the revolutionary MJOLNIR armor, John would become one of the legendary Spartans, rising to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer during the course of the war. For three decades, he fought the Covenant, eventually making the critical discovery of the Halos. After defeating both the Covenant and the Flood at the Forerunner Ark, the Chief would find the human race threatened by a new enemy, an ancient Forerunner known as the Didact.

  • Piece Count: 109
  • Height: 5 inches tall
  • Poseability: Natural range of motion
  • Ages 8+

Brand: Halo® Universe
Level: 2


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